Free Features

On-demand prerendering (!SSR)
On-demand static site generation
On-demand SSL/TLS certificate
Tor .onion address per site
All file types cacheable*
Fwd+Reverse proxy to any* URL
Serve from a git repo (soon™)
Password-protected URLs (soon™)
Font hosting & optimization (soon™)
Image optimization (soon™)
Free static site hosting (post-brexit™)
Global CDN (post-brexit™)


  • Open Source projects and students might qualify for a free subscription upgrade; Contact us to discuss your situation.
  • For enterprise support, custom deployments and all other enquiries, please don't hesitate to Contact us.
All free features
1 TByte/mo
100 MBit/s
Basic support
For students, hobby sites, experiments, trials, etc.
£5.00+vat / month
All free features
5 TByte/mo
200 MBit/s
Basic support
For indie developers, freelancers, portfolios, etc.
£35.00+vat / month
All free features
Unlimited transfer
300 MBit/s
Priority support
For smaller businesses with a yearly turnover under £85,000.
£100.00+vat / month
All free features
Unlimited transfer
500 MBit/s
Priority support
For larger businesses with a yearly turnover above £85,000.